What's TinyShare?

Often times you just want to share a tiny bit of information in CONTEXT, such as a few lines of text on a web page or in a PDF file. That's why you need TinyShare.

You need it when you would like your reader to see what you mean with just a glance, instead of reading through long texts.

You need it when you prefer not to create a moment of "TL;DR" for the receiver .

TinyShare is a lightweight browser extension anyone can use without registration or login.

TinyShare makes ISWYS possible -- "I see what you see", with the smallest overhead.


  1. Install the Chrome Extension from Google Web Store
  2. Select some text on a web page then right click on the selected text to bring up "Tinyshare Highlight" contextmenu.
  3. Aftwards, the user can right click and select "TinyShare => TinyShare Publish" to receive a link of a short & unique URL;
  4. Then share the link with others

  5. When the receiver clicks on the tiny link, he/she will be redirected to the target web page, with your mark-ups displayed (if he already installed TinyShare Browser extension). No registration or sign-in necessary on either party.
  6. If the receiver is on a mobile device, or if he has not installed TinyShare browser extension, he will see a screenshot of the marked-up link content.
  7. The "TinyShare" content & unique URL you create will be stored in the cloud, never expires, just like tinyurl.com will shorten and store forever your long URL!


  1. From Chrome Web Store, add the TinyShare Chrome Extension to your browser.


This software is licensed under the End-User License Agreement (EULA) provided.